We found us a home!

When we moved here, our accommodation game plan was rent an Airbnb accommodation for the whole of September, then find an apartment where we can move in on October.

We had a month to look for a permanent apartment. At first, Kevin and I were very eager to find a place. We thought we’d have to finalise the apartment on our first weekend here. We were set on getting an apartment in Canterbury, with the budget of $400/week for a 1-bedroom apartment, or $450/week for a 2-bedroom.

That all changed when we did our first three house inspections. We realised that the budget we had set, and the apartments we wanted in Canterbury wasn’t a match. So we decided to adjust our budget and the suburb where we wanted to stay.

We then started looking for suburbs in the west-side. Before we even got the chance to inspect any of the houses there, Kevin’s officemates gave him the advice to check out apartments in the south of Sydney. That’s when he learned a lot of good things about the suburb Hurstville.

Lucky are us because when we checked apartments for rent in Hurstville, there was a brand-new apartment building open for inspection! We immediately went there the next day to view the units. We instantly felt that was what we were looking for. We then applied for one of the apartments right then and there.

And now, we finally have our place here in Sydney!

We don’t have a picture of our house yet, so let me show you a picture of Kevin and I from last weekend at the Darling Harbour area.


Totally unrelated, pero hayaan niyo na. HAHAHA. I think this is our first official photo together as immigrants in Sydney! Thank you to Mark and Thessa for taking us here and for taking this shot. 😁

Anyway, so we have a house now. We’re moving on Monday, 24 September. I’m super excited to buy the appliances and furniture we need; and to start building a home. I have a looooonnggg list of items to buy. HAHA. We plan on shopping this weekend.

Exciting times!

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