Moving to our new home

I don’t intend for this blog to be all about migrating to Sydney. Pero ito talaga yung ganap ng buhay namin ngayon eh, kaya ito lang din mashi-share ko. Hahaha.

A lot has happened since my last post. We already bought appliances and furniture; we collected the keys to our new apartment, and the appliances and furniture have already been delivered. We only need one final step: that is to live there. Hahaha. Kevin and I are still staying in the Airbnb place we rented in Canterbury. We’ll be officially moving to the new apartment tomorrow!

Bj, Paula, Kevin, me, Richard, and Arlene. Taken inside the bus, on the way to The Good Guys.

Bj, mare, Jack, and hilaw went with us to buy appliances at The Good Guys last Saturday. Ibang pang kwento how happy I am that my friends are all in Straya! We’ve been together since college. That’s half our lives! We’ve seen each other’s nene days, until now that we’re older and a little bit wiser. Anyway, it deserves another blog post of its own.

We bought the majority of our appliances at TGG: washing machine, fridge, TV, microwave, iron, rice cooker and electric kettle. Lucky our friends were with us because they did the haggling for us! In Australia, you can haggle the prices of appliances or show them an online store with a lower price, and the stores will do a price match! Ang galing! Kebs and I are not really good with negotiation, especially about prices. Kaya it was really helpful that our friends were there to do it for us. HAHA. They also helped us decide which products to buy. Ang dami kasi talagang options. Nakakahilo! Naubos talaga energy ko.

The next day naman, Sunday, we went to buy our furniture at Amart. Tita Tess, Dadi’s highschool classmate, accompanied us naman. Sa ibang post nalang din yung kwento why we have contact. Hahaha. We were able to buy our bed frame, bed mattress, sofa, and entertainment unit. If mahirap mamili ng appliances, mas lalong di hamak na mahirap magdecide which furniture to buy! May kasama na kasing aesthetic factor. Tapos ang mamahal pa! Lech. Ang mahal pala talaga ng mattress ano?! The ones that I liked were super expensive. I had to adjust my level of arte-ness para makapili ng mattress within our extended budget. Extended talaga, kasi yung original budget namin, mukhang spring lang ang mabibili. HAHAHA.

Buying these things and deciding which ones to buy is really a big deal for me because this is Kevin and my first time to buy big purchases like this! Ang lakas maka-adult at maka-asawa ng feeling! Because although we were already living independently in Singapore, we rented a furnished condo. Ang biggest purchase na namin before ay yung printer namin. HAHAHAHA. It will also be the first time for Kevin and me to live alone. We had housemates in SG kasi. That’s why feel na feel ko talaga ang pagiging adult at mag-asawa ngayon!

We still have a long way to go before we get comfortable in our new apartment. First, we have to do the initial cleaning pa (wipe all the cupboards at cabinets, and vacuum and mop the floor). Wala pa kaming kitchenware, which we need para mas lalong feel na feel ang pagiging home-owners. We need to think about where to store and how to organise our things. We also have to create a routine — when and where to exercise, how to maintain the cleanliness the house, etc.

Madami pa, but we’ll take it one step at a time. And enjoy the process! Hindi na mauulit ang first time struggles na ito. 🙂

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